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Troubleshooting RHABSIM:



Troubleshooting RHABSIM installation problems

"Cannot find VBRUN300.DLL", "Cannot find QPRO200.DLL" message or unable to launch RHAB4WIN.EXE or WINSETUP.EXE:

RHAB4WIN.EXE and WINSETUP.EXE need the VBRUN300.DLL and QPRO200.DLL files supplied with RHABSIM Version 2.0. If Windows cannot find the files it cannot run these programs. To fix this problem, copy VBRUN300.DLL and QPRO200.DLL from the directory you installed RHABSIM to your Windows directory or your Windows/System directory.

"File not Found" message when running RHABSIM programs from Windows:

If the file is an RHABSIM executable file, make sure the Working Directory under WINDOWS Program Manager File/Properties for the RHABSIM Icon(s) is set correctly. Set them to the directory your RHABSIM executable programs are located at.

If the file is a WINDOWS run-time library (filename.DLL or filename.VBX) you may have to copy these files to you WINDOWS/SYSTEM directory before the programs will run. The RHABSIM Setup Program assumes WINDOWS can find the .DLL and .VBX files in your RHABSIM directory. On most configurations this is fine.

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Troubleshooting run-time problems

"Cannot Find RHAB4WIN.INI" message:

The first time you run RHAB4WIN.EXE you will get a message that the RHAB4WIN.INI file cannot be found. This is normal as the INI file must contain information that is unique to your system. The RHAB4WIN program will create a default INI file after the warning message. If you get the "Cannot Find RHAB4WIN.INI" message at later times, it means your Working Directory under File/Properties for the RHAB4WIN Icon is not set correctly. Set it to the directory your RHABSIM executable programs are located at.

"Out of memory" error while running RHABSIM DOS modules:

RHABSIM DOS modules run in a "shell" from Windows. When Windows runs a DOS shell it uses configuration parameters from 1) your AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files, and 2)the parameters set up from Windows.

Included in the RHABSIM package is the file RHABSIM.PIF which assigns sizes and options for running the DOS based RHABSIM programs. You may use PIFEDIT.EXE (supplied with Windows 3.1) to modify this file to suit your needs. If you have another DOS shell program (Norton's NDOS.COM for example, rather than the Microsoft COMMAND.COM) you may wish to modify the DOS shell configuration file to optimize the DOS window for RHABSIM. You can then run RHABSIM from a PIF file or directly from an Icon (we recommend the RMENU.EXE program as the primary RHABSIM launch program.)

If you have Windows 95 or 98, you can right-click on the RHABSIM 2.2 icon and choose Properties. From there you can edit the properties of the DOS shell

With either method, the size of your DOS shell is also dependent on the options and drivers loaded in your AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files. You can edit these with any ASCII text editor (Windows' Notepad, for example.) Load only necessary drivers and use the following tips to maximize your DOS memory:

In your CONFIG.SYS file:

In your AUTOEXEC.BAT file:

One last tip: When in a DOS shell from Windows, use the "MEM /c /p" command to view how your AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS drivers are loaded into high memory. Sometimes, addresses for memory-resident programs have conflicts and DOS will place the program in low memory, even if the LOADHIGH or DEVICEHIGH commands are used. If this is happening, try to simply rearrange the order of the loads, re-boot and run MEM /c /p again to see if this fixed the problem. As a last resort, you can specify exactly where the memory-resident programs are loaded using the DEVICE=EMM386.EXE, the LOADHIGH and DEVICEHIGH commands. See your Windows and DOS documentation for more information (The following are typical names of Windows help text files: CONFIG.TXT, MSDOSDRV.TXT and TIPS.TXT. They are usually in your C:/WINDOWS directory.

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Troubleshooting graph problems

3-Dimensional and Velocity Histogram graphs will not display:

These two graphs run under a separate module which requires an expanded memory driver in order to load all data from all cross-sections at one time.

You must use the "DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\EMM386.EXE xxxx" command in your CONFIG.SYS file. The EMM386.EXE driver allows configuration of Expanded Memory, which the RHABSIM DOS modules can make use of. For "xxxx" use at least "1024" (1 mb) of expanded memory, and up to "4096" (4 mb). RHABSIM will not need more than 4096 kb, so if your EMM386.EXE already has more, you can reduce it to 4096 to free up a little driver space.

Also, the DOS shell which runs RHABSIM must be set up to allow expanded memory. Use PIFEDIT.EXE in Windows 3.1 or right-click the RHABSIM icon in Win95-98 and set Memory Properties to allow automatic or 4096k of expanded memory.

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