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StreamTemp: A Simple Network Stream Temperature Model for Windows is an integrated program for calibrating and modeling changes in stream temperature due to modification of upstream flow, temperatures, or other environmental conditions.

Based upon the SNTEMP programs by the U.S.G.S., StreamTemp for Windows has added many additional features, including detailed reports and graphs of program results.

The program calculates the heat flux components for stream segments and then transports that heat downstream. The maximum daily water temperature is calculated by following a water column from solar noon to the end of the reach, allowing it to heat up towards the maximum equilibrium temperature.

The program will predict the minimum, mean, and maximum daily water temperature for the set of parameters you provide. Other output includes the mean daily heat flux components, and a full set of validation statistics for best-fit modeling.

Once the model is calibrated, the user can then introduce Gaming Scenarios to gauge the influence of changes in flow or environmental conditions.

StreamTemp for Windows has a rich set of controls to allow fine tuning the model. All variables and intermediate calculation results are fully reported so researchers can monitor the integrity of their calibrations.


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Stream Network

Channel Geometry

Hydrological Data

Channel Shading

Weather Data

Running the Model

StreamTemp Reports and Graphs

Model Calibration

Gaming Scenarios - Comparing Runs



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SPECIFICATIONS and Program Limits

StreamTemp for Windows requires the following system specifications:


StreamTemp data files and processing allow the following data limits:

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I have flow and stream temperature data for the month of July, except 5 records are missing. Can I still model tepemperatures for the whole month?

I have weather data from a weather station that is five miles away and 1,000 feet higher than the streamside study site. Can I adjust the weather data to fit the site?

I have a single 20 mile study reach but due to a geomorphic boundary the channel changes shape and direction. Can StreamTemp still model this reach?

My company is studying the potential effects of a water diversion. Can StreamTemp model past a water diversion?

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