Fish Salvage and Relocation

TRPA Fish Biologists have conducted numerous fish salvage and relocation efforts associated with water pipeline

and sewer pipeline construction projects,

culvert replacement projects,

and road and bridge maintenance projects.

TRPA Fish Biologists have demonstrated their on-the-ground site-specific problem solving abilities for each individual construction project. TRPA Fish Biologists strive to maintain good working relationships with local resource and permitting agencies. 

TRPA Fish Biologists have knowledge and experience in planning, managing, and implementing resource protection and fish salvage during construction activities within and near sensitive stream habitats, including those supporting state and federally-listed species. 

TRPA Fish Biologists have experience relocating fish during stream channel realignment projects.

TRPA Fish Biologists have also conducted fish salvage as part of periodic maintenance of hydroelectric project conveyance canals.