Fish Monitoring

TRPA Fish Biologists have wide ranging knowledge and experience conducting fish population surveys, aquatic species evaluations, and licence compliance monitoring using a variety of techniques including large team electrofishing in wider more spacious river habitats to

smaller scale surveys in small and narrow stream environments. We have experience surveying in both remote wildland locations and

highly urbanized and managed watersheds using both small, easily portable backpack electrofishers, and if conditions require,

larger electrofishers operated from tote barges,

or catarafts.

If less obtrusive survey techniques are warranted, TRPA Fish Biologists have experience conducting visual counts and assessments using snorkel census techniques in both small creeks and

larger river habitats.

TRPA Fish Biologists have the equipment and know-how for conducting surveys using a variety of beach seines,

pole seines,

fyke nets,

hoop nets,

gill and trammel nets,

and hook and line sampling. TRPA Fish Biologists have designed several recreational angler creels surveys.

TRPA Fish Biologists also have experience conducting spawner and redd surveys.